Morning Raga

“Morning Raga” is a flow of energy, the urge to begin making music again with others and share it with new generations. Group leader Simone Basile wishes to reawaken young people to contemporary music, art, and progressive change, in opposition to the static period marked by the pandemic. The energetic force and the spirituality of Indian ragas form the basis of this nine-track album. “Hamsadhwani” is a raga with a brilliant, auspicious character, and “Morning Raga”, the track after which the album is named, is just that–a warm salutation to the start of the day. Naturally, each track is filtered through the artistic lens of the Apulian guitarist, who has used these elements of Eastern music as an inspirational springboard off of which he continues to expand his personal musical language. The other musicians who form the quintet are Manuel Caliumi on alto sax, Enzo Carniel on piano, Ferdinando Romano on double bass, and Giovanni Paolo Liguori on drums. 

Wes or No

A tribute to the great Wes Montgomery revisited in a modern, personal key that goes far beyond imitation. "Wes or No" is Simone Basile's new trio album that will be released on March 6, 2021 on the Emme Record Label. It is a project that represents a personal challenge and above all an original tribute to a great artist who accompanied the Apulian guitarist throughout his musical education. Wes Montgomery, in fact, has written some of the greatest pages in jazz history, helping to elevate an instrument like the guitar, previously used almost only as an accompaniment. This confrontation, however, does not lapse into mere imitation, but becomes a real test case for grappling with some of the great songs of the tradition that, intelligently revisited, acquire a new, different light. Music, after all, is constantly evolving, but since some songs remain etched in history, confronting them becomes essential for inner growth. In this way, past and present, innovation and tradition meet to always generate something new, despite the fact that the songs were written about 50 years ago. The lineup that took part in the making of this record is completed by Manrico Seghi on hammond organ and Giovanni Paolo Liguori on drums: two eclectic, tradition-loving musicians who immediately showed enthusiasm in taking part in this project.


The project was born from the union of the experiences and musical thought of the musicians who make it up, where the influence of modern jazz takes over within the songs, thus creating a new sound, in which the different instruments dialogue with each other blending in the melodies and harmonies.

Guitar Solo

The solo is the most intimate moment when a musician can find himself, discover his true nature and from there build new musical horizons. Experimentation, revisiting of standards and interpretation of his own signature songs, this is Simone Basile's live guitar solo.